EU Parliament Votes to Regulate Banks with Crypto Assets

• The European Parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee has voted on policies for banks holding digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
• The bill proposal states that banks with crypto holdings must hold up to 1,250 percent of the amount they hold in crypto assets.
• The BCBS recommended categorizing crypto assets based on consultation papers released in the last three years.

The European Parliament recently voted on policies for banks holding digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, in the economic and monetary affairs committee. This vote favored modifications of the capital requirements directive and the capital requirements regulation as it applies to banks with crypto holdings. The bill proposal states that such banks must hold up to 1,250 percent of the amount they hold in crypto assets.

The Basel Committee On Banking Supervision (BCBS), an organization in charge of international banking standards, also recommended measures for banks to address risks related to digital assets. These measures include categorizing crypto assets based on consultation papers released in the last three years. The Parliament added that the modifications align with the measures by the BCBS.

In a statement regarding the new development, a spokesperson for the AFME, Caroline Liesegang, noted that the Parliament, Commission, and Council should provide a clear definition of what can be considered as crypto assets. This will help banks and other financial institutions determine which assets fall under the new regulations.

This decision by the economic and monetary affairs committee of the European Parliament marks a major step forward in the regulation of digital assets, as banks now have a clear framework with which to handle these assets. This is expected to bring more stability to the market and encourage more investment in digital assets.

The new regulations are expected to come into effect later this year, as the Parliament, Commission, and Council have yet to agree on the final version of the bill. This will allow banks and other financial institutions to prepare for the new regulations and ensure that they are compliant.

It remains to be seen how the new regulations will affect the market, but it is clear that the European Parliament is taking a proactive approach to the regulation of digital assets. This is expected to bring more stability to the market and encourage more investment in digital assets.

Earn Rewards Playing Games with Meta Masters Guild & $MEMAG!

• Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new mobile gaming guild that is launching a presale of its native token, $MEMAG.
• The presale tokens are being offered at $0.007 and only 10% of the capped supply is allocated to exchange liquidity.
• MMG titles hosted on the platform will issue in-game rewards known as Gems, which can be converted into $MEMAG tokens and cashed out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvested into the ecosystem.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is an exciting new mobile gaming guild that is revolutionizing the play-to-earn ecosystem. MEMAG is launching an exciting presale of its native token, $MEMAG, where investors can purchase the tokens at $0.007. There is a supply of 1 billion tokens and of those tokens, 35% have been allocated to the presale. Only 10% of the capped supply is allocated to exchange liquidity, giving investors direct access to the tokens.

The primary focus of this ecosystem is sustainability, which will not only optimize gamers‘ engagement but also give them an opportunity to earn more reward tokens by playing the games for extended periods. The games hosted on the platform will issue in-game rewards in the form of Gems, which can be converted into $MEMAG tokens and cashed out into the best altcoins such as Ethereum or reinvested into the ecosystem. Players truly own all the in-game assets they receive as rewards.

Reinvesting options include using the tokens to purchase in-game items, participating in tournaments, and upgrading the MEMAG network. The MEMAG tokens can also be used to purchase services or products from the MEMAG network and its partners.

Overall, Meta Masters Guild is creating an entertaining gaming ecosystem that rewards gamers for their participation and victories, with the potential to earn even more rewards through the presale of the $MEMAG token. With the bonus of being able to cash out their rewards into the best altcoins or reinvest them into the ecosystem, gamers are sure to enjoy the experience.

Investing in Bitcoin Futures: A Comprehensive Guide

The owner of a Bitcoin future has the option to purchase or sell a particular quantity of the digital currency at a predetermined price at a future date. They are a type of investment that has grown in prominence recently and are getting easier for both individual and institutional investors to acquire.

How do Bitcoin futures work?

A sort of derivative product called Bitcoin futures enables investors to make predictions about the price of Bitcoin without actually owning it. Since they are paid in cash and exchanged on an exchange, the investor never truly owns the underlying asset. Instead, they are speculating on the price of Bitcoin in the future and have the option to purchase or sell a certain quantity of Bitcoin at a set price and date.

What Trading Platform Should I Pick?

It is crucial to take into account aspects like costs, liquidity, and customer support when selecting a trading platform for investing in Bitcoin futures. One well-liked site for investing in Bitcoin futures is Crypto Cash. It provides reasonable costs, top-notch customer support, and a wealth of tools to assist investors manage their transactions.

The Function of Bitcoin Futures

Financial contracts known as Bitcoin futures provide the holder the option to purchase or sell a certain quantity of Bitcoin at a predetermined price at a predetermined time in the future. The investor never acquires ownership of the underlying asset since the contract is paid in cash. Instead, they are speculating on the price of Bitcoin in the future and have the option to purchase or sell a certain quantity of Bitcoin at a set price and date.

Advantages of Buying Bitcoin Futures

The possibility of leveraged positions, the opportunity to hedge against potential losses in the underlying asset, and the ability to speculate on the future price of Bitcoin without actually holding it are all potential advantages of investing in Bitcoin futures.

Risks Associated with Buying Bitcoin Futures

Investing in Bitcoin futures carries risks, just like any other investment. These include the possibility of losses brought on by unstable markets, market manipulation, and the danger of the counterparty defaulting. As a result, before to making an investment in Bitcoin futures, it is crucial to understand the dangers.

What is a Trade Placement?

Investors must become familiar with the trade placement procedure after selecting an appropriate trading platform. In order to do this, choose the appropriate asset, determine the position’s size, input the preferred price, and then place the order. It’s vital to keep in mind that because Bitcoin futures are leveraged securities, there is a higher risk of losing money than with other kinds of investments.

How to Control Risk

Understanding and controlling the possible risks is crucial when investing in Bitcoin futures. Setting a stop-loss level, keeping an eye on the market for prospective changes, and diversifying among various assets are all part of this. Utilizing effective risk management techniques like limit orders, take-profit orders, and stop-loss orders is also crucial.

How Can Market Movements Be Analyzed?

Understanding how to assess market movements is crucial for making money while trading Bitcoin futures. This involves being aware of the various chart types, being able to discern trends, and recognizing prospective trading opportunities. It’s also critical to keep up with news and events that might impact the price of Bitcoin.


For individuals who are aware of the dangers and possible benefits, investing in Bitcoin futures may be profitable and satisfying. Investors might possibly optimize their gains by choosing wisely and knowing what Bitcoin futures are, how they operate, and how to monitor the market. In the end, it’s critical to keep in mind that Bitcoin futures are extremely volatile financial products, and investors should always do research before making an investment.

Latin American Startups Get Boost From TechStars, Stellar Lumens and MoneyGram

• TechStars announced 12 startups chosen for its inaugural Latin American tech startup accelerator program.
• The program is a hybrid one, with physical meetings in Miami, Mexico City and Dallas, and virtual meetings in between.
• Stellar Lumens and MoneyGram are the headline sponsors for this program, providing innovative payment solutions for underserved or emerging markets.

TechStars, a global startup accelerator, has chosen 12 startups from Latin American countries for its first accelerator program in the region. This 90-day program is designed to provide innovative solutions to the region’s underserved market, and the founders come from South America (especially Brazil, Argentina, and Chile), the US, Latin America, and Mexico.

The program is a hybrid one, with physical meetings in Miami, Mexico City and Dallas, and virtual meetings in between. TechStars payment accelerator program director Tricia Martinez explained that the startups were chosen for the innovative payment solutions they provide for underserved or emerging markets in categories such as financial infrastructure, investing, personal financial management, lending, financial literacy, and payments.

The headline sponsors for this program are Stellar Lumens and MoneyGram, two giants in the blockchain and digital payments space. Stellar Lumens and MoneyGram are also partners, and they have established a robust fintech ecosystem across emerging markets, including LatAm nations.

The TechStars program is an important opportunity for the chosen startups to access the resources and expertise they need to expand their business and reach new markets. The program also provides valuable education, mentorship, and support to founders, and opens up potential investment opportunities.

At the end of the program, TechStars will select the most successful startups for further investment and mentorship opportunities. The accelerator program is a great opportunity for these startups to grow and become successful, and it will also help to drive economic development in the region.

3 Hot Crypto Picks for 2023: PancakeSwap (CAKE), Orbeon (ORBN), and Ripple (XRP)!

• PancakeSwap (CAKE) is a DEX built on the Binance Smart Chain that rewards liquidity providers with transaction fees
• Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a web3 platform that simplifies venture capital and crowdfunding
• Ripple (XRP) is a popular token that has been used for cross-border payments since 2012

The crypto space is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with all the new developments. As more tokens enter the market, investors must choose which ones to focus on in order to maximize their returns. With that in mind, we have put together a list of three hot picks for 2023: PancakeSwap (CAKE), Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), and Ripple (XRP).

PancakeSwap (CAKE) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to trade different tokens using a pricing structure based on the amount of liquidity provided by users. PancakeSwap (CAKE) liquidity providers are rewarded with the transaction fees charged to traders. This makes it an attractive option for investors looking to get involved in the crypto space. It also has faster speeds and lower transaction costs or gas fees than Ethereum-based exchanges, which gives it great potential for growth.

The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a web3 platform that simplifies venture capital and crowdfunding. It is currently in phase 3 of its presale, which is predicted to grow by 6000% in the next few weeks. In short, it is designed to revolutionize the way investors and startups come together in the web3 environment. It has the potential to make investing in startups more accessible and efficient, which could lead to huge returns for investors.

Ripple (XRP) has been around since 2012 and is a popular token used for cross-border payments. The token has been adopted by many banks and financial institutions, making it a safe investment for those looking to get involved in the crypto space. It has the potential to revolutionize global finance and provide a more efficient way to send and receive payments.

In conclusion, these three tokens are hot picks for 2023 and have the potential to provide huge returns for investors. PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are both relatively new tokens and have the potential to skyrocket in value if they live up to their promises. Ripple (XRP) is a tried and tested token with a strong track record and is likely to remain a safe investment for the foreseeable future.

Welche Einzahlungs- und Abhebungsmodi unterstützt Immediate Edge?

Ich persönlich bevorzuge eine Plattform, die sowohl Fiat- als auch Cryptocurrencies als Einzahlungsmodi unterstützt.

Glücklicherweise ist Immediate Edge eine dieser Plattformen und erlaubt Einzahlungen/Abhebungen nicht nur über Kryptowährungen, sondern auch über Fiat-Währungen.

Obwohl, es unterstützt nur „Bank Wire“ Ein- und Auszahlungen für jetzt. Karten scheinen noch nicht unterstützt zu werden.

Die bisher unterstützten Fiat-Einzahlungswährungen sind JPY, EUR, GBP und USD.

Wie bereits im KYC-Abschnitt dieses Immediate Edge Testberichts erwähnt, sind Fiat-Transaktionen nur für verifizierte Benutzer verfügbar.

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über dieses Thema:

Was sind Immediate Edge Gebühren und Limits?

Die drei primären Gebühren und Plattformerhebungen sind die Handelsgebühr, die Einzahlungsgebühr und die Abhebungsgebühr.

Es gibt eine zusätzliche Gebühr auf Immediate Edge, die „Token Recovery“-Gebühr, die wir in Kürze besprechen werden.


Beginnen wir mit der Tatsache, dass Immediate Edge, wie fast alle anderen Börsen, ein „Maker-Taker“-Modell für seine Handelsgebühren verwendet.

Allerdings ist diese Gebühr nicht „statisch“, sondern ändert sich je nach Handelsvolumen eines Nutzers. Jeder neue Nutzer muss eine Gebühr von 0,1% zahlen, wenn er der Maker ist, und 0,2%, wenn er der Taker ist.

Die Gebühr sinkt, je mehr der Nutzer auf der Plattform handelt. Die niedrigste mögliche Gebühr beträgt 0,00% (kostenlos) für den Maker und 0,055% für den Taker, wenn sie ein Handelsvolumen von USD $,00 erreichen.


Was die „Einzahlungsgebühr“ betrifft, so ist sie etwas anders als auf anderen Plattformen. Die Einzahlung von Kryptowährungen ist „technisch“ kostenlos. Aber auch hier gilt, dass es nur bei Einzahlungen von mindestens USD 1000 (Gegenwert in der Cryptocurrency, die Sie einzahlen) kostenlos ist.

Andernfalls wird eine „Kleine Einzahlungsgebühr“ erhoben, die für jede einzelne Währung unterschiedlich ist. Für BTC beträgt sie 0,0004 BTC. ETH wird mit 0,00135 ETH berechnet, XMR kostet 0,0001 XMR und so weiter. Die Gebühr wird für jede Währung auf der Einzahlungsseite angezeigt.

Für die Transaktion wird auch eine angemessene Miner-Gebühr vorgeschlagen, die nicht zwingend erforderlich ist, aber die Transaktion beschleunigt, wenn sie bezahlt wird.

Für die Einzahlung von Fiat-Währungen wird eine Gebühr von 0,1 % der Transaktion oder 60,00 USD/EUR erhoben, je nachdem, welcher Betrag höher ist.


Während einige Kryptowährungen kostenlose Abhebungen anbieten (EOS, NEO, ADD, ONE, WLO usw.), sind die meisten anderen gebührenpflichtig.

Der Preis ist abhängig von der Währung, die abgehoben wird. Beachten Sie jedoch, dass die Einzahlungs- und Abhebungsgebühren, die von der Plattform erhoben werden, für jede Währung gleich hoch sind.

Daher beträgt sie 0,0004BTC für Bitcoin, 0,00135ETH für Ethereum, 0,0001XMR für Monero und so weiter.

Die Abhebung von Fiat wird mit 0,1% oder 60,00 USD/EUR (je nachdem, was höher ist) per Banküberweisung berechnet. Express-Banküberweisungen (24-Stunden-Abhebungen) kosten jedoch 1% (mindestens USD/EUR 60,00).


Die Plattform bietet eine Token-Wiederherstellungsfunktion an, die den Nutzern hilft, ihre verlorenen Token wiederzuerlangen, die durch ihre eigenen Fehler verloren gegangen sind. Es gibt eine zusätzliche Gebühr von USD $150.00, die mit diesem Wiederherstellungsprozess verbunden ist.

Ist Immediate Edge sicher?

Ist Immediate Edge als Handelsbörse sicher? Das ist, was wir in diesem Abschnitt Immediate Edge Überprüfung zu diskutieren.

Für den Anfang, Immediate Edge hält Mehrheit seiner Mittel in einem „Cold Storage“, und nur 0,5% von ihnen sind online gehalten. Es hat auch automatische Backups jeden Tag, und behauptet, sicher gegen DDoS-Angriffe zu sein.

Abgesehen davon, hier sind die Konto-Sicherheit / Anti-Hacker-Funktionen zur Verfügung:

  • 2-FA
  • Mehrfache Abhebungssperren (Whitelists, Secret Phrase).
  • E-Mail-Verschlüsselung
  • Automatische Sitzungsabmeldung.
  • IP-Adress-Whitelist.
  • Login-Verlauf etc.

2-FA kann über Google Authenticator, oder einen physischen Schlüssel aktiviert werden. Einmal eingestellt, kontrolliert 2-FA die Anmeldungen, Passwortänderungen, Abhebungen, Sicherheitsänderungen und sogar die Erstellung der API-Schlüssel.

Lizenzen für Diem in vielen Staaten erhalten

Das Stablecoin-Zahlungssystem von Facebook bemüht sich laut Vorstandsmitglied David Marcus schnell um eine behördliche Genehmigung in ganz Amerika und erhält diese auch.

David Marcus – Vorstandsmitglied der Diem Association und Leiter der digitalen Geldbörse Novi – verriet kürzlich in einem Blogbeitrag, dass das Diem-Zahlungssystem in fast allen Bundesstaaten zugelassen wurde.

Bitcoin Prime derzeit in aller Munde

Marcus enthüllte die Neuigkeiten zufällig inmitten eines kürzlich erschienenen Medium-Beitrags mit dem Titel Good stablecoins, a protocol for money, and digital wallets: the formula to fix our broken payment system. Auf einem ähnlichen Blog Beitrag von Bitcoin Prime war zu lesen, dass dieser sich bestens entwickelt. Der Beitrag sollte erklären, warum Stablecoins eine Reihe von Problemen im derzeitigen internationalen Zahlungssystem lösen könnten und warum Facebook der Aufgabe gewachsen war, die richtige Münze, das richtige Netzwerk und die richtige Geldbörse dafür zu schaffen.

„Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass, wenn es jemals eine Chance gab, ein offenes, interoperables Protokoll für Geld im Internet zu schaffen und das Spiel für Menschen und Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt wirklich zu verändern, es jetzt ist. Die Tatsache, dass wir uns als Mitglieder der Diem Association und auf andere Weise beteiligen, kann dazu beitragen, dass sich mehr Unternehmen auf einen Standard einigen, und ich möchte nicht, dass wir unsere Chance verpassen.“

Nachdem er viele Möglichkeiten skizziert hat, wie ein globales Stablecoin-Netzwerk dazu beitragen kann, die Bankkunden zu versorgen und den USA zu helfen, die Macht des Dollars als Weltreservewährung zu erhalten, geht Marcus dazu über, die Legitimität von Facebook als Anbieter eines solchen Stablecoins und Netzwerks zu verteidigen. Er verweist dabei auf die staatlichen Lizenzen und Genehmigungen von Diem:

„Wir sind diesen Verpflichtungen treu geblieben und haben uns in konstruktiven Konsultationen mit Regulierungsbehörden und politischen Entscheidungsträgern auf der ganzen Welt engagiert. In den USA haben wir in fast jedem Bundesstaat Lizenzen oder Genehmigungen für Novi erhalten, und wir werden nirgendwo starten, wo wir diese Genehmigungen noch nicht erhalten haben.“

Marcus schließt mit der Aussage, dass Novi „bereit ist, auf den Markt zu kommen“ und alle Anforderungen im Zusammenhang mit der „Zukunft des Geldes“ zu erfüllen, wobei die Regulierungsbehörden strikt befolgt werden.

Das Potenzial von Diem und die Macht von Facebook

In Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass Diem bis Ende des Jahres auf den Markt kommen könnte und dass der derzeit führende Stablecoin Tether derzeit von Bedenken wegen unzureichender Sicherheiten geplagt wird, ist es durchaus möglich, dass Diem zu einem führenden Stablecoin und vielleicht sogar zu einer führenden Kryptowährung überhaupt wird. Nachdem sich das Unternehmen 2019 als „Libra“ angekündigt hatte, sah es sich der Prüfung und Feindseligkeit großer Zahlungsnetzwerke ausgesetzt, weil es befürchtete, dass es eine von Facebook verwaltete „einzige globale digitale Währung“ einführen wollte.

In seinem Blog-Beitrag versichert Marcus den Lesern, dass Facebook mit seinem Netzwerk keine „ominösen Pläne“ verfolgt und sich in erster Linie darauf konzentriert, „große Probleme für Menschen in großem Umfang zu lösen.“

Miliardari che spingono le criptovalute: la terza persona più ricca del Messico cambia la biografia di Twitter per includere Bitcoin

Elon Musk continua a pompare DOGE mentre Ricardo Salinas Pliego si attacca a Bitcoin.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, presidente del conglomerato Grupo Salinas e terza persona più ricca del Messico, sta collegando Bitcoin sui social media

Il miliardario con un patrimonio netto stimato di oltre $ 13 miliardi a gennaio ha cambiato la sua biografia su Twitter durante il fine settimana per includere l‘ hashtag Bitcoin ( BTC ). Gli utenti di Crypto Twitter e alcuni degli oltre 840.000 follower di Salinas hanno riferito di aver notato il cambiamento sabato nel periodo in cui il prezzo dell’asset crittografico è salito a oltre $ 40.000 per la prima volta in 23 giorni.

Parlando con Cointelegraph a dicembre, Salinas ha rivelato di aver acquistato per la prima volta Bitcoin a $ 200 nel 2013, per poi venderlo durante la corsa al rialzo del 2017 quando il prezzo ha raggiunto i $ 17.000.

Ha descritto la criptovaluta come il suo „miglior investimento di sempre“

A novembre, Salinas ha dichiarato che il 10% del suo „portafoglio liquido“ è investito in BTC, con il restante „in minatori di metalli preziosi“. Il miliardario di 65 anni ha acquistato prima che il prezzo del Bitcoin salisse a nuovi massimi storici a dicembre e gennaio, più che raddoppiando il suo investimento. Ha detto che non ha intenzione di vendere alcuna partecipazione in criptovaluta per almeno cinque anni.

Salinas non è l’unico miliardario che utilizza i social media per spingere la crittografia di recente. Oggi il CEO di SpaceX Elon Musk ha continuato la sua spinta alla criptovaluta Dogecoin ( DOGE ). Musk ha preso di mira gli utenti di DOGE nelle ultime settimane poiché il token è stato coinvolto in uno sforzo di pump and dump da parte di trader e investitori di Reddit. Il prezzo di DOGE è aumentato di quasi il 600% negli ultimi 30 giorni.

Ethereum price at $1,480: a record high

Ethereum price at $1,480: a record high

The week begins with new records: the first hours of the day record a new all-time high for the price of Ethereum, which reaches $1,480 for the first time. Since the beginning of the year, Ethereum has risen almost 100%, leaving behind the excellent performance of Bitcoin Pro, which has gained around 20% since January 1 at current levels.

Ethereum’s good performance was already evident with last week’s positive close, unlike Bitcoin which closed the week in the red for the second time in a row, as it hasn’t done in 10 months.

Ethereum drags DeFi tokens down

Ethereum’s rise is dragging behind the rest of the altcoins, although the week is starting with alternating positive and negative signs. There is a substantial balance among the biggies.

In addition to Ethereum, the best rise among the blue chips is Uniswap (UNI) which is up more than 17%. The token of the main decentralised exchange most widely used by users exceeded $13 for the first time since its launch last September. It is a rise that now characterises the entire token sector of the decentralised finance ecosystem.

Today, it is these tokens that are jumping onto the podium of the best. Uniswap is followed by Icon (ICX), Compound (COMP), Bancor (BNT), Algorand (ALGO) and Aave, all with double-digit gains of just over 10%.

The rise in recent hours has failed to bring the market cap back above $1 trillion and Bitcoin’s difficulty in recent days has caused dominance to fall to 62%, the lowest level since late November. In contrast, Ethereum runs above 16.5%, its highest level in two and a half years (August 2018). XRP on the other hand continues to move at 1.25 market share, lowest levels in years.

Volumes in the last 24 hours see a general increase, around $360 billion, although far from the peaks of the beginning of the month. In the last 24 hours, Ethereum exchanges exploded with over 8 billion traded, more than 30% of the volumes traded by Bitcoin in the same time frame.

DeFi’s total value locked benefits from what is happening and rises above $26 billion for the first time

Maker leads the sector at one step above $5 billion, followed by Aave, while in third position the head-to-head between Compound and Uniswap continues.

The number of blocked ETHs remains stable at last week’s levels, with just over 7 million tokens blocked, while the number of tokenized BTCs continues to grow, at over 40,000, the highest level since mid-December.

SpiderDAO lytter til samfunnet med Nest-utgivelsen

SpiderDAO lytter til samfunnet med Nest-utgivelsen

Samfunnstilbakemelding er en viktig del av ethvert desentralisert prosjekt. En av de viktigste fordelene ved å delta i blockchain-initiativer er at de er nærmere samfunnseide enn Bitcoin Revolution tradisjonelle teknologistarter. Dette er enda mer så for SpiderDAO, den første maskinvareaktiverte desentraliserte autonome organisasjonen.

Prosjektet er kjent for å være banebrytende for en brukerfokusert og hvalsikret desentralisert VPN-tjeneste på blockchain med viktige funksjoner som SPDR-verktøyet token og likviditetsdrift. Mer, SpiderDAOs tokenøkonomi er satt til at 60% av dets tokenforsyning vil bli gitt til samfunnet via distribusjon over fem år.

Etter suksessen med likviditetsprogrammet, kom SpiderDAO-fellesskapet til bekymring på forskjellige kanaler om noen av programmets ulemper for brukere som ikke var likviditetsleverandører. Brukere observerte at nettverkets høye kompensasjon til likviditetsgruvearbeidere skapte en betydelig mengde utslipp, som drev SPDR-tokenprisen ned.

Teamet utviklet raskt en løsning som vil være til nytte for alle deltakerne i SpiderDAO-nettverket

Spider Nest introduserer et staking-program som tilbyr belønninger til brukere som ikke er likviditetsleverandører, basert på tidsperioden de bestemmer seg for å låse pengene sine i protokollen.


SpiderDAO grunnlegger og administrerende direktør Nathan Varty forklarte at «hvert rede består av et sett med krav og parametere som kompenseres tilsvarende. Disse kompensasjonene varierer fra 36% til 80% APY, avhengig av låseperioden, noe som betyr at en 90-dagers lock-up på over $ 500 kan motta en 60% APY. Dette betyr at staker vil motta 5% av det låste beløpet i retur etter hver måned. ”

Likviditet er likviditet som verktøy like tilgjengelig for innehavere av SPDR-tokener. Brukere kan dra nytte av både APY og gratis tilgang til SpiderVPN-tjenestene.

Sunn samfunn kan lage eller bryte et blockchain-prosjekt. Spider Nest setter et eksempel i å lytte til tilbakemeldinger og finne løsninger som kommer alle deltakerne i et nettverk til gode.